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The World Botanic Garden Exhibition (WBGE)

7 August 2008

Background and preparation of the exhibition

Organised by: Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee, BGCI, Popular Science Network of Botanic Gardens Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

 In March,2008, members of Organizing committee are inspecting the exhibition site in Beijing.

      Members of Design Group

Introduction to the WBGE

The World Botanic Garden Exhibition’s (WBGE) arrangement was completed on 9th June, 2008. The exhibition includes all the originally planned elements of design, and was completed ahead of schedule. 

The exhibition contains 70 individual exhibition panels with 70 stories highlighting world botanic gardens, institutions, and inviduals involved in plant conservation and research. Other exhibits include 2 seed display cabinets, 2 leaf display cabinets, and an interactive plant scent station (where visitors can smell different oils and perfumes derived from fragrant plants). The main exhibition also includes interesting living plants (most of them are medicinal plants) arranged throughout the area.

The Plants Display and Exit area, is an open green space where visitors can wander after viewing the major exhibition area. It includes 30 rare and interesting species of live plants. 

There is a large (5.5m x 7.5m) LCD screen plays videos provided by various gardens. Visitors can easily watch the program from a distance, and will be drawn to the exhibit to learn more.

An acknowledgement panel can be found at the exit, which lists the organizing institutions, and gives a general thanks to all participating parties. Included here are some photos from the exhibition area.

Exhibition location
Overview of exhibition venue
Main entrance
Index of participating botanic gardens
Display area
Display area

Seeds display
Leaves display

WBGE project passes the evaluation stage

On 10th June, 2008, the Beijing municipal government work group evaluated the big project "Beijing Olympic Village Science and Technology Garden Public Science Platform’s Build" containing 15 subprojects. One of the subprojects, the "World Botanic Garden Exhibition" was well acknowledged by the evaluation group and was one of only two subprojects that passed the first project evaluation. On 25th June, 2008, the evaluation group evaluated the big project a second time, and WBGE passed the final check as well. The following pictures show the evaluation experts group are visiting the exhibition area.

Deputy Director Tian Ming introducing the exhibition to the Director Ma Lin
Deputy Director Tian Ming introducing the exhibition to the Director Ma Lin
Evaluation group exploring the 140 plant species seeds display
Evaluation experts group

WBGE offically open to the public

WBGE  offically open to the public on 1st August 2008. For details, click here


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