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2006 BGCI Scholarship

18 February 2006
Congratulations to the following people who have received the 2006 BGCI Scholarship:
  • Cheng Hong-mei (Hefei Botanical Garden)
  • Deng Xianbao (Chongqing Botanical Garden)
  • Feng Changlin (Guangxi Karst Arboretum)
  • Gao Puxin (Lushan Botanical Garden)
  • Peng Yude (Guangxi Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants)
  • Qi Yun-zhi (Xi'an Botanical garden)
  • Zeng zhixin (Hunan Province Forest Botanical Garden)
  • Zhao Fang (Beijing Teaching Botanical Garden)
  • Liu Kwok Hing (Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
  • Hui Kam Lan (Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden)
Details for the 2007 BGCI Scholarship will be made available later this year.

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