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Plants Conservation - Training Opportunities


Activities are posted in the language(s) in which they are offered.

We welcome suggestions for additional Canadian-based training opportunities related to plant conservation from employees and members of Canadian botanical gardens, arboreta, museums and related institutions or from Canadian educators. Please contact us (

  1. Prairie and Northern Plant Diversity Centre

    Program summary/ Résumé du programme: Prairie and Northern Plant Diversity Centre, in collaboration with the Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre (ANHIC) of Alberta Environment, offers a series of courses on plant rarity. These courses are appropriate for land managers, consultants, and researchers/graduate students interested in professional development. Courses include plant identification, rare plant surveys and rare plant monitoring workshops.

    For current course schedules:

    Contact/ Contacter:
    Rene Belland, Prairie and Northern Plant Diversity Centre
    Devonian Botanic Garden, University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1
    (780) 987-3054

  2. Alberta Native Plant Council -

    Box 52099, Garneau Postal Outlet, Edmonton, AB T6G 2T5


    • Offers workshops, field trips, maintains a native plant seed source list and has recently released guidelines for the collection and use of native plants


    Description of Centre/Organisation:

    • The Council emphasizes education initiatives on native plants, studies and works to re-establish rare plants in Alberta, and encourages reclamation and conservation of Alberta’s native habitats

    Recommended by: Elizabeth Hood

  3. The Friends of Glencoe Cove-Kwatsech Park -

    Victoria, British Columbia
    David Jobson at (250) 477-8947 or


    • Invasive species removal and native species planting events, on-going


    Description of Centre/Organisation:

    • The Friends are dedicated to the preservation, protection and restoration of native plants species as well as that of the Kwatsech archaeological sites in the Glencoe Cove area.

Recommended by: Elizabeth Hood