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Plant Conservation - Related Documents



Documents are posted in the language(s) in which they were submitted.

We welcome submissions of additional documents related to plant conservationfrom employees and members of Canadian botanical gardens, arboreta, museums and related institutions or from Canadian educators. Please contact us (

Documents from Canadian Botanical Gardens

Memorial Botanical Garden
- Rose poster (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Milner Gardens and Woodland
- Rhododendron Booklet (PDF, 682.6 kB)

VanDusen Botanical Garden
- Waterwise Gardening (PDF, 642.5 kB)
- Native Plants (PDF, 686.9 kB)

Green Inheritance: Saving the Plants of the World (Anthony Huxley, 2005)
This book, with a foreword by David Attenborough, illustrates the wonder and worth of plants, their importance and potential (our "green inheritance"). It demonstrates why we must take care not to destroy our life-support system that our plant heritage provides us.