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Links - International & Non Government



International Organisations

  1. Botanical Gardens Conservation International:
    • Conservation of global biodiversity, promoting sustainable practices and an increase in global educational efforts
    • Activities are available for pre-school aged children, 7-11 year olds, 11-18 years olds and specialized summaries of programs from public education and extraneous ideas.
    • These programs are not classroom ready, but can provide good foundation ideas for educators
    • A wide range of information available- background information, conservation news, new articles and research, educational ideas
    • Also links to their regional sites located around the world<
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  3. American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta:
    • Links to other sites that explore the issues of biodiversity conservation, invasive and exotic species; some educational materials and access to print resources
    • Program package, ‘Reaching Out to the Garden Visitor’- for guiding informal learning opportunities in public gardens
    • This is primarily a links-based resource, with little information on it besides promotional information for the organisation
    • All major topics found on this site fall under the same url: please look for the Publications, Related Sites and Resources sections on the left-hand toolbar
    • ‘Reaching Out’ informal learning package for gardens:
    Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  5. Centre for Plant Conservation:
    • Native plant preservation and education about same, endangered species, preserving plant biodiversity
    • Comprehensive: activities, background information, resources for educators, good links to other helpful sites
    • An excellent site, even for those not living in the US; provides a wealth of background information, publications, links and educational materials
    • The full extent of what is available takes some time to find, so have a good look around
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  7. International Union for the Conservation of Nature:
    • Global biodiversity, climate change, indigenous traditional knowledge and genetic property rights
    • This site is largely useful for broadening adults’ knowledge of global biodiversity issues- links to other sites may be useful for student-based education packages
    • Gives the reader an excellent general grasp of the larger issues connected to biodiversity on a global scale- connects biodiversity to development and trade
    • Good lists of links and publications for further research
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  9. Botanical Society of America:
    • Primarily a list of links to other sites that provide more direct educational packages
    • An excellent, image-filled website devoted to the wonders of botany; list of botanical images is ever-expanding (though most of these images are rather complicated)
    • Great list of botanical links; very little information about conservation or biodiversity issues
    • May be a good additional website to refer to for images, details and background information
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood
  10. Also see:

    National Biological Information Infrastructure:
    • Really good educational program ideas

Non-Governmental Organisations

  1. Nature Canada: formerly Canadian Nature Federation)
    • Species at risk, endangered species, biodiversity conservation, climate change, habitat preservation
    • General information, hands-on activities and educational programs
    • A number of at-home, or in the classroom projects, including Plantwatch
    • Sell the ‘Species at Risk Education Guide’ (includes an activity book, teacher’s guide and species fact sheets) and other publications
    • An excellent and diverse site; spend time exploring as there is much more available on the site than first appears

  3. The Nature Conservancy:
    • Protecting biodiversity and species at risk, identifying Canada’s threatened ecoregions, protecting indigenous species and their habitats
    • An excellent glossary- only accessible by clicking onto highlighted words on the Ecoregion and Stewardship pages
    • Does not have overt educational programs or activities- site is for adult learning
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  5. David Suzuki Foundation:
    • Biodiversity, habitat loss, invasive species, habitat and ecosystem conservation, the interconnected web of life
    • This site is full of great information, but takes a bit of digging through promotional campaigns, action plans and assorted other things; use the links to get right to the biodiversity sections
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood
  6. Also see:

    Canadian Parks and Wilderness Service (CPAWS):
    Canadian Wildlife Federation:
    Seeds of Diversity:
    Audubon’s Lists of Wildlife, Habitat and Biodiversity Links:
    Audubon International’s Kid’s Activities and Links: