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Links - Government Organisations


Provincial Organisations

  1. British Columbia

    British Columbia Parks:

    • A good site for an introduction to West Coast conservation issues; includes access to research as well as easy to use educational materials
    • Conservation topics addressed include local species and their habitats, preservation of provincial biodiversity, specific cases of minimizing damage from invasive species, conservation policies and acts
    • Materials available for younger children introducing concepts of protected areas
    • A program entitled, “Protected Areas: Preserving Our Future”, for older children exploring these themes more in depth
    Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  3. Manitoba

    Manitoba Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Preservation Branch:

    • Biodiversity, species at risk, endangered species and habitats
    • Informative, access to research and data collection, some access to programs and activities from young students
    • The site itself is interesting and a good read, however is prone to shut down or freeze
    Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  5. Ontario

    Ontario Parks:

    • Species at risk, biodiversity conservation, recovery programs, provincial protection acts and status ratings for provincial rare and endangered species
    • Links to all provincial parks which have a wide range of programs for adults and children
    • An excellent resource to get an overview of biodiversity and conservation issues from a provincial government perspective
    • Information is general, one may have to look else where for specifics and for actual program ideas
    Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  7. Atlantic Canada

    Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre:

    • Provides glossary definitions for a number of terms on biodiversity, species at risk, endangered species, and specifically explains the concepts of ecosystem, community and habitat
    • A good site for regionally significant information; use other provincial or national sites to round out research, and for getting program ideas
    Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

Federal Organizations

  1. Natural Resources Canada :
    • Natural resources of Canada (geology, forests, energy, etc.)
    • Environmental Issues (sustainable development, climate change, etc.)
    • Informative youth section: edu-kits available for educators & parents
    • Huge site, lots of information available, design is simple and easy to navigate
    • Useful links sections, interesting games


  2. The Green Lane :
    • Site offers a wealth of important environmental information and addresses a broad audiences (including educators) on topics such as: nature, plants, animals, pollution, water, air, soil, climate change, biodiversity etc.
    • Section "Action and learning" has a very useful list of educational links.
      publication section is a good source for educational resources.
    • Site is part of the enormous Environment Canada site that contains a lot of very important information.
    • While there is no site plan, it’s useful to search the site using key words.


  3. Committee on the Status of Endangered Species in Canada (COSEWIC) :
    • Detailed information on specific species at risk, the process, selection and the function of status designation
    • Many PDF documents available free of charge on the site
    • The site is simple, well designed and easy to navigate.
    • There is not a kids section, however the information is quite accessible for secondary and post-secondary students and adults.

  5. Canadian biodiversity Information Network :
  6. Kids section:
  7. Forum :