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Links - Botanical Gardens and Arboreta

  1. The Arboretum, University of Guelph:
    • Conservation projects focus on the preservation of native trees and seed, as well as mapping all of Ontario’s trees.
    • Some courses focus on growing and utilizing native plants and restoring native habitats in urban settings; largely hands-on educational opportunities (adult courses only)
    • This is a fairly basic site with minimal links or information readily available about biodiversity or conservation issues
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  3. Devonian Botanic Garden:
    • Promotes the conservation of local indigenous plants, muskeg, prairie and northern species through formal and informal gardens, as well as educational projects
    • Largely hands-on educational opportunities with passive learning opportunities available while visiting the garden
    • Wide range of courses are available for local adults, and also has some programs for children
    • Project Plantwatch invites Alberta’s teachers to track bloom time of common plants with their classes
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  5. Memorial University Botanical Garden:
    • Describes conservation projects: i.e. restoration and re-vegetation of local disturbed areas, conservation of rare and endangered local plants
    • Courses for adults & summer camp and programs for school children are available
    • The site is well laid out and aesthetically pleasing, but has minimal educational information, links or access to broader issues
    Highlights Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  7. UBC Botanical Garden:
    • Accessible conservation information focuses on the Centre for Plant Research ex-situ site for growing and propagating rare and endangered species
    • Course listings for adults and kids at the Botanical Garden and through UBC in horticulture; links to UBC courses and the UBC Certificate in Garden Design
    • Open plant and garden discussion forums and the ‘Hortline’ call-in phone line
    • Access list to interpretive signs, with interesting facts about specific species
    • Website is jam-packed with information, mostly recent articles and publications
    • Provides lots of links within the UBC and it’s own site- limited links to outside sites
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  9. VanDusen Botanical Garden:
    • A wide range of educational opportunities are available on-site to adults, families and classes; Master Gardener’s Program, courses on organic gardening, native plantings and restoring habitats
    • Beautifully crafted website, with lots of information and detail
    • Very little extraneous information on related issues (biodiversity/conservation), and few links to outside sites
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood