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Links - Education



  1. Canadian Biodiversity Information Network:
    • Site addresses the topic of biodiversity, the effects of land and natural resources use, genetically engineered organisms, non-native introduced species, climate and environmental effects and cultural/urban effects
    • Long list of useful links to other sites
    • For more complex ideas on biodiversity and access to national and international documents/agreements see the international clearing house icon (right side of page)
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  3. Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (CBCN):
    • Basic theoretical concepts, educational materials for students and educators, link to activity guide for primary/junior-aged students
    • ‘Botanist in Training’ program an excellent plant/biodiversity based program- very interesting, engaging, site easy to navigate through for all basic reading age ranges
    • provides a good diversity of information and access to botanical organisations and projects for the interested reader
    Highlights Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  5. Biodiversity Research Centre:
    Authors: University of British Columbia’s Biodiversity Research Centre
    • Comprehensive site for educators, educational program ideas, glossaries of terms, access to further links and resources, and a virtual library
    • for those living locally, dates for seminars and upcoming events are listed
    • Provides a large range of biodiversity publications
    Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  7. Rare Plants in Ontario -
    • An Introduction to rare plants of Ontario.
    • Includes a complete list of rare plants in Canada as of 1999.
    • Provides an outline of what Canada is doing to protect rare and endangered plants along with a list of some organizations that are involved in these practices.
    • Introduces some ideas to what you can do to protect rare and endangered plants.
    • Many of the links are out of date, but the information on the site is comprehensive and thorough.