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Links - General Botany


  1. Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (CBCN):
    • Basic theoretical concepts, educational materials for students and educators, link to activity guide for primary/junior-aged students
    • ‘Botanist in Training’ program an excellent plant/biodiversity based program- very interesting, engaging, site easy to navigate through for all basic reading age ranges
    • provides a good diversity of information and access to botanical organisations and projects for the interested reader
    Highlights Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  3. North American Native Plant Society:
    • Native plant sources, rescues, seed exchanges; informative, how-to guides, message boards and question forums
    • This is not an ideal site for finding educational program ideas, but being Canada’s national native plant society it does have some good resources and connections to other organizations
    • Overall, information available on this website is sparse; the message boards are very useful, attracting knowledgeable contributors
    Highlights: Recommended by Elizabeth Hood

  5. E-Flora BC:
    • E-Flora BC is an on-line atlas of the plants of British Columbia.
    • Site provides comprehensive botanical information for all BC plant species for use in education, conservation and research
    • Includes key mapping components and links to multiple key databases.
    • Site is attractive, easy to navigate and has great photos: while still under development, there is a lot of good information available.
    • Species search page
    • Invasive plant species section: an overview of the issue, recommendations and list of species of concern in BC
    • Plant identification & photography tips
    Recommended by Laurel McIvor

    Also See:

    Nova Scotia Native Plant Society:
    Field Botanists of Ontario:
    Rare Plants of Ontario:
    • hosted by the Royal Botanical Garden- very informative