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Welcome to BGCI Brazil

Investing in Nature Brazil

The Investing in Nature: Brazil part of BGCI's work has now come to a close.

You can read here the activities that were undertaken as part of it.

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Project Launch

The Project was launched in the 11th Brazilian Botanic Gardens Annual Meeting, realized during the period of 15 to 19 of July, 2002 in the city of Recife – PE, and coordinated by the Brazilian Botanical Gardens Network and supported by Petrobras S.A, Joaquim Nabuco Foundation and Recife City Council. As central theme - The Botanical Gardens and the Cities, the meeting jointed professionals related to botanic gardens and other institutions, to discuss the relationship between these institutions and municipalities, their benefits and problems. The Project Investing in Nature in Brazil – Project Brazil: The botanical gardens and the education of the public in urban environments – was launched with the participation of General Coordinator Peter Wyse Jackson and the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Brazilian Botanic Gardens Network (link to the MOU), Rio de Janeiro Botanic Gardens Research Institute and BGCI.

National Workshop for Brazilian Botanic Gardens

The 1st National Workshop for Botanical Gardens, realized between the 9th - 13th of September, 2002 in the National School of Tropical Botany of Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute, was not only a way to integrate the Brazilian botanic gardens but also a catalyzing instrument for the activities to be implemented by the Project. Airfares were provided by the Project for 90% participants, besides the costs of food and translation service for the participation of the BGCI/UK Co-ordinator.

The workshop jointed the Brazilian Botanic Gardens Directors who worked out the subsidies for the Brazilian Botanic Gardens Action Plan, one of the activities planned for the Project.

Environmental Education for Botanic Gardens Training – Module 1

Training of teachers in the botanical gardens was performed during the 1st National Workshop for Botanic Gardens and had participation of experts on environmental education for botanic gardens and the secretaries of the environment in various dynamic activities in the form of workshops, with the help of Dr. Gail Bromley from Education Department of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, who have been a current collaborator of the Brazilian Botanic Gardens Network on Environmental Education.
On this opportunity was created the Botanic Gardens Education Commission, which will be a steering committee for the Brazilian Botanic Gardens Network and Coordination Project in environmental education matters, which member are:

  • Botanic Garden of Salvador: Raimunda Santos de Abreu
  • Botanic Garden of the Belo Horizonte Zoobotanic Foundation: Cristiane Speziali Menegazzi
  • Botanic Garden of Rio Grande do Sul: José Fernando da Rosa Vargas
  • Botanic Garden of Brasília: Sonia Ferreira Romano
  • Bosque Rodrigues Alves – Belém do Pará: Jorge Maurício Pascoal

Model Education Awards Program

The Program of Educational Projects Model objective is the strengthening Brazilian botanical gardens by awarding 15,000 pounds for the implementation of a Project of Education for Conservation. The award shall be rewarded by BGCI annually to the three botanical gardens with the best program in this category until 2005.

In this period the “Guidelines for the inscription of Projects for the botanical gardens” were prepared and a proposal was released publicly during the National Workshop with the presence of the botanical gardens, allowing for the clarification of all of the stages of the process. 16 of the botanical garden associates submitted to RBJB projects to compete for the prizes in 2003. The analysis of the projects was done ad hoc by two consultants and by the General Coordination of Project Brazil in Richmond, England. Three projects were thus chosen for the first awards, to be known:

  • Jardim Botanico de Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul - "Knowing for Preserving - Implantation of Environmental Education Methodology for the Conservation of Native Species" (link to the Project here soon)
  • Jardim Botanico da Fundacao Zoobotanica de Belo Horizonte, MG - "Education for Conservation of the Caatinga at the Botanic Garden of the Belo Horizonte Zoobotanic Foundation". (link to the Project here soon)
  • Jardim Botanico do Santuario Ecologico da Pipa, RN, - "Multiplying Formative experiences in the schools of Northeast Brazil". (link to the Project here soon)

The second year Award (2003-2004) was launched in the 12th Brazilian Botanic Gardens Annual Meeting (link to the Award Guidelines) and projects was invited to be submitted until September 30th, 2003.

12th Brazilian Botanic Gardens Annual Meeting

Realized during the period of 07 to 11 of July, 2003 in the city of Belém do Pará, and coordinated by the Brazilian Botanical Gardens Network and supported by Petrobras S.A, Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi (MPEG/MCT) and Belém City Council joint the Bosque Rodrigues Alves, with the central theme – Ecotourism in Botanical Gardens. In this opportunity managers and technicians from 28 of the 29 Brazilian Botanic Gardens attended to the lectures from Spanish and Mexican Botanic Gardens Networks, where expertise showed the characteristics and properties from the Botanic Gardens linked to the Networks related to the Tourism. Some relevant Brazilian Botanic Gardens also presented its experiences with Tourism and General Audience, serving as models for the other.

Conference on Ecotourism in Latin America (Peru)

The central theme of this meeting introduced the concepts for the one day training course on the theme; representatives from the 28 Brazilian botanic garden plus students from the local University on Tourism (UFPA) and MPEG and Bosque Rodrigues Alves guide team attended the course totaling 53 students.

With the presence of Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson – BGCI Investing in Nature Coordinator the delegates attended the 2002-2003 Award Winners Project presentations (link to the Projects). The 2003-2004 Award was launched (link to the Award Guidelines) and the Action Plan for the Brazilian Botanic Gardens draft was presented to participants review.

Two new scheduled publications was launched during the 12th Brazilian Botanic Gardens Annual Meeting: 1. the Portuguese version of the Education Guidelines, a 1992 BGCI´s modified publication for botanic gardens, “The Guidelines for developing individual strategies” with Brazilian case studies, and 2. The Brazilian Botanic Gardens Brochure, a colored tool for the diffusion of the Brazilian Botanic Gardens.

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