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Botanic Gardens of Argentina

Find a Botanic Garden

You can either earch our global database for botanic gardens

or use the following page to find gardens in Argentina.


Botanic Garden Profiles

We will be profiling a botanic garden from around the world. We will be highlighting the work that goes on in the garden and detailing its unique features. We will also be asking members of staff or volunteers within the featured garden to tell us a bit about them and the work they do.

If you would like your garden to be featured here then please send an email to We will send you a questionaire form to fill in that will make up your profile. Photos from yourselves would also be appreciated.

New Botanic Gardens

There are many opportunities and interest in establishing new botanic gardens accross Argentina. BGCI is always interested to hear about and support these. Please contact if you are planning a new botanic garden in Argentina.


Botanic Gardens: Using Biodiversity to Improve Human Well-being

A report has been launched by BGCI on the role of botanic gardens in using plant diversity to improve human well-being. It features case studies from botanic gardens around the world and is available to all in PDF format.


The Nature of Success: Success for Nature
BGCI’s 6th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens, billed as "the best ever", inspired, motivated and brought educators together. The Proceedings are now online - follow the link above.