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2006 Work Programme

Approved by the ABGN Steering Committee meeting at Brackenhurst International Conference Centre, Limuru, Kenya, 28-29 November 2005. A deadline for completion of each activity is given in brackets. For more information about any of the activities please contact either your Regional Coordinator or the Secretariat.

Network Coordinator/Secretariat

  • Review, in consultation with BGCI, the legal status of the African Botanic Gardens Network (ABGN), and explore options to register the network as a non-profit organization.
  • ABGN Bulletin published (Dec 2005, June & Dec 2006).
  • Develop and adopt new logo for the ABGN (June).  
  • Send Regional Coordinators the International Agenda template (developed by David Galbraith, Canada) for monitoring achievement of activities.
  • Re-send to all Regional Coordinators the needs assessment questions developed for southern Africa.
  • Send the proceedings of the African Botanic Gardens Congress (either as hard copy or as .pdf file) to the Regional Coordinators for North Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (Seychelles).
  • George Owusu-Afryie to propose that Didier Dogley (Seychelles) become the Regional Coordinator for the Indian Ocean Islands. 
  • Annual external audit of the ABGN’s finances conducted (30 June 2006) and presented to next ABGN Steering Committee meeting.

Regional Coordinators

  • Update e-mail lists and botanic garden contact information per region, and pass on latest information and contact details to the Secretariat (on-going).
  • Review progress with the implementation of the HSBC-sponsored BGCI African small grant-funded projects allocated in 2004 (each region except North Africa) and 2005 (southern Africa (1), Eastern Africa (2) and West Africa (2)) in the respective regions.
  • All Regional Coordinators to ensure that they have reliable and stable e-mail addresses, and communicate effectively, and on a regular basis, with the Secretariat. 
  • Articles (regional progress) for publication in the ABGN Bulletin submitted by each Regional Coordinator (May & Nov).
  • Request each country, which has a botanic garden, within the region to nominate a National Coordinator.
  • Christopher Willis to have the African Botanic Gardens Congress Proceedings (SABONET Report Series No. 22) scanned as a PDF file and sent to Secretariat and BGCI.
  • Encourage all botanic gardens and countries within the region to register their commitment towards implementing the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation.
  • Regional botanic gardens needs assessments (except southern Africa, which has been completed) to be completed, consolidated and submitted to Secretariat (30 Sept). 
  • Submission of material (text and photos, with appropriate captions) for ‘History of African Botanic Gardens’ book (Donal McCracken et al.) to be sent to Secretariat. 
  • Encourage the establishment of new botanic gardens in countries that do not have botanic gardens.
  • Regional Coordinators to submit to Secretariat proposed work plans for 2006, based on the 16 targets of the ABGN (Feb).
  • Regional Coordinators to encourage cooperation and regular communication between botanic gardens and representatives both within the region and within the individual countries.
  • Regional Coordinators to monitor progress made by botanic gardens within the region with respect to the ABGN’s 16 targets. 
  • Compile a consolidated regional annual report based on individual reports received from National Coordinators within the region and send to Secretariat (Mar).

Individual Botanic Gardens

  • Needs assessments to be completed and submitted to the National Coordinator, and copied to the Secretariat (30 Aug)
  • National Coordinator to forward new or outstanding needs assessments to the Regional Coordinator (30 Sep)  
  • Submission of material (text and photos, with appropriate captions) on botanic gardens for ‘History of African Botanic Gardens’ book (Donal McCracken) to be sent to Secretariat 
  • Update individual botanic garden information present on the BGCI web site
  • Encourage GSPC focal points to establish and develop partnerships to support the implementation and monitoring of the GSPC at the national level 
  • Botanic garden representatives to encourage national authorities to designate national GSPC focal points
  • Raise funds for national botanic garden representation at the World Botanic Gardens Congress (scheduled to be held in Wuhan, China) in the first half of 2007
  • Ensure that adequate access to e-mail and the internet is available
  • Submit annual reports to National Coordinators