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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference have been developed to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Regional and National Coordinators.

Regional Coordinator - Terms of Reference

  • Identify, through consultation, National Coordinators.
  • Provide efficient communication between the Secretariat and the region.
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of National Coordinators contact details.
  • Collate reports of National Coordinator activities and report to the Secretariat.
  • Identify opportunities for regional meetings.
  • Coordinate and support the activities of the National Coordinators.
  • Represent the region or identify alternate (selected from National Coordinators) representation, when required, at ABGN Steering Committee meetings.
  • Promote and support agreed ABGN work plans within the region.
    Identify opportunities for projects, activities and fundraising to support ABGN goals and objectives.
  • Act as an ambassador for the ABGN, promoting awareness and support of ABGN goals and objectives at the regional and global levels.
  • Perform any other duties as required by the Steering Committee.

National Coordinator - Terms of Reference

  • Coordinate completion of botanic gardens needs assessments
  • Consolidate and maintain the national list of botanic gardens and associated contact details within the country
  • Encourage the relevant authority to designate national GSPC focal point
  • Coordinate and ensure the timely submission of annual reports to the Regional Coordinator
  • Plan and facilitate meetings of national botanic gardens
  • Strengthen cooperation and communication between national botanic gardens
  • Monitor progress within the country with regard to the implementation of the 16 targets of the African Botanic Gardens Network
  • Communicate target implementation progress with the Regional Coordinator
  • Represent the region at Steering Committee meetings, as and when required
  • Encourage national botanic gardens to commit themselves towards the implementation and monitoring of the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens for Conservation
  • Encourage all national botanic gardens to become members of BGCI
  • Communicate with national GSPC and CBD focal points
  • Encourage national botanic gardens to contribute towards the African Botanic Gardens Network Bulletin

Footnote: National botanic gardens refers to all botanic gardens, as defined by BGCI, present within an individual country.