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Welcome to BGCI Africa

Promoting and supporting the work of botanic gardens across Africa

Covering over 29 million square kilometres; Africa is rich in diversity of habitats, species and cultures. Vegetation types include: true desert, dry bushland, wooded grassland, rain forest and alpine desert. It is estimated that Africa has approximately between 40-45,000 species of plants, with a high level of endemism (77-87%), many of which have global importance for their medicinal, food and horticultural value.

Over 130 botanic gardens are thought to exist in Africa today, from the oldest in Durban to gardens being established today, and from large gardens such as Kirstenbosch (Cape Town) to small gardens run by one or two dedicated staff.

In 2002, BGCI helped establish, and continues to support, the African Botanic Gardens Network (ABGN) in order to strengthen and support botanic gardens throughout Africa.

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Latest News

12 March 2014

During a recent trip to Ethiopia BGCI visited Wondo Genet Arboretum restoration project and 2 newly established gardens; Gullele Botanic Garden and Shashemene Botanic Garden. With growing pressure on the diverse native flora, this is an important time for plant conservation in Ethiopia.

26 April 2013

Erythrina schliebenii is a Critically Endangered tree species endemic to Tanzania. This charismatic and beautiful species was thought to be Extinct. Recently rediscovered, E. schliebenii is now in cultivation and a ceremonial planting is planned for next year.

27 March 2013

BGCI have recently launched a new three year project funded by the Ashden Trust. The project will promote and facilitate the use of indigenous tree species in forest restoration projects across Africa and highlight the potential for botanic gardens to be more involved in restoration projects

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