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African Botanic Gardens Network


The African Botanic Gardens Network promotes and supports the work of botanical gardens and associated institutions through education, conservation and sustainable use of plants for development, poverty alleviation and halting biodiversity loss.

2013 update - The current Action Plan needs to be updated for beyond 2010. For more information about this please contact us. For guidance, please refer to the existing ABGN Action Plan, the updated Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and the updated International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation.


African botanical gardens will be integral and valued partners in the conservation and sustainable use of Africa’s unique environmental, botanical and cultural heritage.

Established in November 2002 at the first African Botanic Garden Congress, held in Durban, the ABGN has developed:

Through the implementation of the Action Plan, the ABGN is addressing plant conservation in Africa in five areas:

Understanding and documenting plant diversity

Conserving plant diversity

Using plant diversity sustainably

Promoting education and awareness about plant diversity

Building capacity for the conservation of plant diversity

The ABGN also produces a Bulletin for its members containing news and article about African Botanic Gardens. If you would like to receive a free electronic copy of the Bulletin, please contact Past editions are available online here.

For further information on the background to the establishment of the ABGN, please click here.